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A Fable From Developing Attitudes Toward Listening to One Another

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Adapted from Robert F. Mager

Once upon a time in a little drop of water, King Amoeba decided he wanted to teach his subjects how to have a better life. So he traveled far and wide throughout the Kingdom of Dropland to tell his people how to be better than they were. But nobody listened.

Psst,” said Read the rest...

A Poem for the World by Jodi Sylvest

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My name is Jodi Sylvest and I am in remission from Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer and I still have problems with my leg. Because of that I fall a lot, and the other night I fell outside and my cousin picked me up and carried me in. The rest of my cousins came in with him. They stayed for a … Read the rest...

A wonderful note from Cathy A Haeffner

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Dear Dr. Cates,

During my prayer time this A.M. I was thanking God for the different blessings in my life and you came to mind. I felt the urging to write you and tell you how much of a blessing you have been to me and my family. I don’t know if you were in need of extra encouragement today … Read the rest...

An encouraging letter from Cathy Cox

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Dear Dr. Cates,

I wish to thank you again for taking the time to speak to our humble group of home schooling parents this evening. For me personally, you were a blessing and an answer to prayer. I have felt a leading from the Lord for some time now that our home school needed to be “under” a reputable person … Read the rest...

Letter from the University of Missouri

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Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Office of Admission and Student Financial Assistance
106 Parker Hall
1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65409-1060
Telephone: 573-3414165
Toll Free: 1-800-522-0938
FAX: 573-341-4082
www. urn

April 10,2000

Dr. P. Gates
Faith Christian Academy
864 Poplar Creek Rd.
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Dear Dr. P. Gates:

Thanks for continuing to send us … Read the rest...

Excerpt of a wonderful letter from Anne Pearcy

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Hi Dr. Cates!

Thank you for completing Colin’s grades so quickly. Yes, you certainly may quote our comments on his ACT scores. But may I add a couple of things? Not only was Colin not generally a good tester, but he was definitely weak in English. The curriculum you recommended for him this year (which was very heavy in language … Read the rest...

Two Students of Faith Christian Academy Receive Governor’s Award!

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Faith Christian Academy and Dr. Paul Cates is proud to announce that two of our Students, Joseph “David” Starbuck and Sarah Haley will be receiving awards from the Governor of Tennessee. This award is the Outstanding Homeschool Student Award.

There are only fourteen Students in the entire State to receive this reward and only two from this region.

David and … Read the rest...

Read This! An essay from one of Dr. Cates’s graduates introduced by a letter from his mother!

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March 20,2000

Dear Dr. Cates:

I have enclosed James’ graduation announcement (We are unable to attend the graduation in Pigeon Forge). James borrowed a cap & gown from Kathy Hayes.

For one of the many scholarships that James applied for, he had to write n essay on an educator or a person who has influenced his life the most. I … Read the rest...

A letter from a mother: OUR STORY

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July 30,2001

Teaching our children is an incredible and sometimes overwhelming call. With my first child I did not always recognize a problem, but in looking back, can I say that the first sign of difficulty was in nursing.

At age two, the pediatrician wanted his speech evaluated for precautionary measures. The earliest label was a speech delay with an … Read the rest...

What are Learning Disabilities?

“Learning Disabilities” are those preventing children of normal or above normal intelligence from progressing at the customary pace of regular school classes, or from responding to usual teaching techniques employed.  Homeschooling children with learning disabilities can change their future, and at Faith Christian Ministries we can provide you with the tools for success.  

The child with learning disabilities may have

Read the rest...

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