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A Poem for the World by Jodi Sylvest

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My name is Jodi Sylvest and I am in remission from Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer and I still have problems with my leg. Because of that I fall a lot, and the other night I fell outside and my cousin picked me up and carried me in. The rest of my cousins came in with him. They stayed for a few minutes and then said good-bye. It made me feel wonderful that they did that for me, so I wrote a poem about them and here it is.

My Angels

Most people think angels have wings,
and gowns, halos and things.
But my angels don’t have either one.
Some of them even bathe in the sun.

My angels where jackets shirts and jeans,
and fix their in really nice things.
My angels use the phone and drive cars,
and the best thing is, they’re not very far.

My angels laugh and my angels play,
I see my angels almost every day.
They hold me close when I’m feeling hurt
, when I fall they pick me up out of the dirt.

My angels have names like David and Brian,
Holly and Brittany, I’m not lien.’ Josh and Joe,
Believe Me it’s so.

My angels are my everything and even more,
and the best thing is, they’re right next door.