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Read This! An essay from one of Dr. Cates’s graduates introduced by a letter from his mother!

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March 20,2000

Dear Dr. Cates:

I have enclosed James’ graduation announcement (We are unable to attend the graduation in Pigeon Forge). James borrowed a cap & gown from Kathy Hayes.

For one of the many scholarships that James applied for, he had to write n essay on an educator or a person who has influenced his life the most. I sat down with James for the first time and explained to him what life was like for us and him, before and after his first testing with you when he was four years old.

This [following] letter is a copy of what James wrote:

James’s Essay

There are many people that have greatly influenced my education and my goals: teachers, tutors, friends and especially my parents. Therefore to choose from among them would be an almost impossible task. Fortunately, there is a person that was behind my entire educational development and trained many of the people who taught me.

I suffered from a severe speech impediment as a child, to make myself understood I had to play a complex game of charades. This was very frustrating for me, because not only did I not comprehend why people could not understand me (which frustrated me even more), but was also laughed at (which made me angry). Many people thought I was either retarded or extremely stupid, others said I would just “grow out of it.”

When I turned five years old, there was no improvement in my speech. If enrolled in public school I would have been considered a special education student. But my parents did not feel that the public school system had the resources to properly instruct me. My parents decided that I needed a one-on-one education, so they decided to home-school me. They were told about Dr. Paul Cates, he helps children ranging from the mentally retarded to the mentally gifted, with excellent results. My parents took me in for diagnostic testing, which Dr. Cates used to both diagnose my impediments and to develop a curriculum that was suited to my special needs. After the testing he told my parents that I had dyslexia, acute articulation disorder, and severe hyperactivity, but he advised them not to label me thus. Instead I should be encouraged to do my best and never be compared to others, nor should my problems be used as an excuse for poor performance. He showed them how to teach me and reap the most benefits. His enthusiasm and wisdom greatly encouraged my parents and I. Without his continued support and knowledge I would not have been able to succeed in academics or even been able to accomplish many of the goals I have set for myself. I owe my entire education to his work and would have never been able to go to college without his help.

Thank you for your time.