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Thank you for your support.  We appreciate your kind words and your wonderful work with your children.  Our future leaders of America and the world are these, the children that you are educating. Most importantly we thank you for your prayers.

We are in a spiritual warfare.  We must produce good students academically.  But more important than that, we must produce Godly students who are not only equipped to function in the world today but those who can change the world for the better.  You as parents and educators are preparing and equipping them.

They are real soldiers who are being equipped to serve a real God to real people who need God’s love.  They are soldiers who are equipped with The Word and filled with God’s love and Holy Spirit.

If you desire to have your child involved in such a living ministry, please call 828-435-0670 and ask to talk to Dr. Paul Cates, Dr. Kirk Cates, Patti Cates, or any staff member.

We are standing for Christ in love totally equipped spiritually, academically, mentally, thinking, and walking together.

In next week’s blog, we will be talking about language and how the world is changing the meaning of words.