Friday, January 19, 2018

The Importance of Time With Our Children  

FCM spending time with children

A young girl has passed away and is in Heaven.  She has asked to return to earth for one day – her 12th birthday.  Her wish is granted.  Imagine you are standing with her during her visit.

She stands in the middle of those she loves — her mother stands in one corner, her father in another corner, her brother in a third corner, and her teacher in the fourth corner.

She goes to her mother and is beaming. She asks her mother to spend time with her.  Her mother replies, “Can’t you see I am busy? I am busy with the preparations for your birthday party. Please leave me alone or there won’t be any birthday cake for your party.”

She then goes to her father.  “Will you spend some time with me?” she asks.  Her father replies, “Can’t you see how busy I am?  I have bills to sort and much to do.  There will be no money for your party if you don’t leave me alone.”

The little girl then looks to her teacher.  “Will you spend some time with my on my birthday?” she asks.  But the teacher says, “I have many students.  I have a 1 p.m. class that I must prepare for.  I don’t have time to spend with you.”

The little girl is crushed.  She goes to her brother.  She feels that he will at least have time for her.  But he has many friends and baseball to play.  He tells her, “If you don’t leave me alone, I won’t come to your party.”

She goes to her mother once more.  And, again her mom is too busy to bother with her.  She is now is heartsick and crushed.

It is her biggest day and everyone is too busy preparing for it to spend any time with her.  Her last words are, “please take me away from this place. Everyone is preparing for the future but no one sees my needs of today.  Please take me away.”   She then goes back to Heaven.

My prayer is that our children not ever say what she did.  May we in education and with our families remember to make time for and with our children.  May we this year and in the decade that lies ahead do things differently than the people in this story.

May we realize and meet the needs that are asked of us.  This is a real challenge but together with God directing the family, we can achieve His original desire.

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