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Stress and Anxiety and Stress Disorder- Also ADD and ADHD

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A little stress administered in small doses keeps children’s brains working optimally, but too much stress that isn’t easily absorbed into a child’s mental framework, works against optimal cognitive functioning.

The stress your son feels prior to test day probably keeps him from performing optimally. The question for you is what to do to keep him calm before test day not only so that he’ll do his best on the test but also to save him and you the predictable “meltdown,” as you describe it. For the ACT, PSAT and SAT double or triple timing can be requested with proper documentation.

Prepping Him for Exams

Here are some things for you to do the afternoon and evening prior to test day.

Address his feelings and validate them. “You’re worried about/ anxious because of/ fearful of the test. I’m not afraid because I know you have all the skills necessary to perform well but I understand that you’re fearful.” Validating feelings help them disappear….


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