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All Students Are Gifted

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We at FCM believe that all students have given gifts and talents.

We believe in gifted children. We are like a personal trainer who works with you to find the right curriculum for them without it being beyond what they can do.

Our subjects include logic, thinking, Bible, philosophy, critical thinking, world history and geography, as well as reading, writing, and mathematics.

To challenge the talents and expect higher performance, FCM will teach student/parent techniques and principles, assess strengths, and present limits.

We believe in Talent Development and working on these talents at the level that they can handle. Not all subjects will have the same levels, but all students should be getting A/A+ grades whether those with 1 talent or 5 talents.

We approach families and children as parts of a team. We at FCM believe that all children are special and given unique gifts by God. These are developed by being used. 

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