Friday, January 19, 2018

About FCM

Complete Support For Your Homeschooling Family

Families from across the country come to Faith Christian Ministries Central to have their children evaluated in its comfortable, non-threatening environment.  Dr. Paul Cates and his staff then explain evaluation results to parents in a quiet, home-like setting that almost belies the sophisticated, cutting-edge nature of his work of truly individualized homeschool plans. Behind the scenes, Dr. Cates’ attentive staff fills the needs of each customized curriculum from hundreds of titles available at FCM Central. Faith Christian Ministries is also a long time member of ACSI. 

Faith Christian Ministries is sponsored by and affiliated with Faith Lutheran Church. FCM Central houses Dr. Cates’ offices and evaluation facility.

Faith Christian Academy

Preparing students for the 21st Century, Faith Christian Academy (FCA), member of the Tennessee Association of Non-Public Academic Schools, is a satellite school for grades K through 12. It offers year-round enrollment, maintenance of all records, quarterly report cards, extensive achievement and educational testing, Honors Diploma and Talent Development Diploma. Our graduates are already carving the path to the future as doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, performing artists, including Christian Theater.

Testing and Evaluations

Not every child learns in the “normal” instructional method. God has created each child to be an individual, with a specific learning style. It is the job of home schooling and christian school parents to discover each childs learning technique, what his or her gifts are, where his or her talents lie, and how to chose curriculum to best suit his or her needs. FCM offers diagnostic educational evaluations, documentation, remediation and enrichment curriculum recommendations. Let us help you understand your children and their specific needs. Then let us provide you with an Individualized Educational Plan and schedule to allow your children to develop their talents to the fullest potential. Here are the three steps of evaluation:

Pre-School Evaluations

This extensive testing is being offered for pre-school children from two years old to seven. The children will be assessed in readiness abilities, in verbal concepts, visual discrimination, logical relations, basic school readiness skills, articulation, intelligibility during continuous speech, communication skills, daily living skills, and motor skills-both fine and gross motor. Help will be given to select the correct materials to use in getting your pre-schooler off to an A+ start!! This test takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It is given one on one with Dr. Cates or one of his staff.

One-Week National Conferences

Get The “Nuts and Bolts” of Homeschooling

Learn to teach like the pros in all subjects and for all ages. An important aspect of these conferences is “Walk in The Spirit,” a Biblical approach to child training and discipline. Conferences are held in the Great Smoky Mountains during the spring and fall.