Saturday, January 20, 2018


Every child, every family is one of a kind.  Although we’re all made in the image of God, He made each of us unique.  Seeing that uniqueness and helping develop that uniqueness is the central focus of Faith Christian Ministries.  We have been developing these unique talents in children for 50 years, a key tool being our Homeschool Family Seminars .

These students have gone on to excel in their uniqueness from the President of the Autistic Association to attending Harvard, Yale, all of the military academies, University of Chicago, and state universities.  And, these students are excelling at being great parents and outstanding medical doctors, lawyers, PhDs., teachers, and numerous other professions.

We would like to help you develop these God-given talents in your child or children.

Here are a few examples of our seminars:

Family Seminars with FCM

The staff of Faith Christian Ministries work with individual families in a variety of Family Seminars.  We work one-one-one with each family on subjects that they request to discuss and learn about.  These typically last from 3 to 6 days, depending on the need.

The location is at a house so there is a homey feeling that helps the students and their parents relax and be ready to learn and contribute to the discussion.  Some of the subjects we discuss are Mathematics, Writing, scheduling of students’ school work, assistance and direction in teaching your student, and training of curriculum purchased from us.

Please contact the FCM staff to schedule your family seminar.

Logic Class with FCM

Our Logic Class is a requirement for all Faith Christian Academy students prior to graduation.  Our students have the opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects with other students that will help them beyond high school and into their future.

In this four-day class, we study and discuss logic, philosophy, theology, and thinking from a God-directed vs. I-directed approach.  We also discuss the issue of morals and ethics from absolutes and no absolutes.

And we discuss these subjects as they affect religion, the church, the family, your education, our government, our laws, and business practices. And, there are many more subjects to be discussed if time permits.

Please contact the FCA/FCM staff for additional information and when the next class is being offered.