Friday, January 19, 2018

Dr. Paul Cates

Dr. Paul Cates has devoted the past 50 years to childhood development, education, and spiritual training. He has a B.A. in Clinical Psychology, M.A. in Reading and Learning Disabilities, and a Ph.D. in eight areas including a major in Curriculum and Instruction.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Kirk Cates have jointly published hundreds of articles in educational journals including the Journal of Neuropsychiatric and Clinical Neuroscience.

Today Dr. Cates’ ministry takes him all over the world to aid parents in the education of their children, primarily homeschoolers.

The main focus of his work is the educational evaluation of children to determine an individualized curriculum.

Dr. Cates and his wife Isobel have six children: Peter, David, Linda, Jon, Kirk, and Anne, and are blessed with 10 grandchildren.