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Getting the right fit is not easy, but FCM can do it. 

Children come in all shapes and sizes… …Tall and short; slim and stout. Would anyone ever try to stuff a Size 12-Regular body into a pair of 6-Slim jeans, or put a Size 6-AAA foot into a 14-C shoe?

No way!

Yet, when it comes to learning, square pegs get forced into round holes… Ouch! The curriculum doesn’t fit. No matter how reputable, how well it worked for your best friend, if a curriculum is not right for you child, its not right.

Won’t work; never will.

No matter how hard you try, how much money you spend, the results will never be there because each child learns in a special, unique way all his own. When the curriculum doesnt fit, watch out…

Take Bill. For years his parents used excellent curriculum. But, things didnt click. He reversed letters, couldn’t remember sight words or simple math facts. Their once charming, happy son was sullen, moody, frustrated with learning and life in general. Nothing seemed to work. They were at the end of their rope. Until they discovered WHY… The curriculum didn’t fit.

Now it does. What change! No more unwilling and angry, Bill zips along, content in his studies – Reading, doing math, learning and loving it. His whole world is bright and confident.

Something happened. Bills parents took action – the only one that could get the right curriculum fit – an evaluation.

Evaluation is a three step process

Not every child learns in the “normal” instructional method. God has created each child to be an individual, with a specific learning style. It is the job of home schooling and christian school parents to discover each childs learning technique, what his or her gifts are, where his or her talents lie, and how to chose curriculum to best suit his or her needs. FCM offers diagnostic educational evaluations, documentation, remediation and enrichment curriculum recommendations. Let us help you understand your children and their specific needs. Then let us provide you with an Individualized Educational Plan and schedule to allow your children to develop their talents to the fullest potential. Here are the three steps of evaluation:

  1. Educational Examination to measure what a child has learned academically in language arts, math and humanities (achievement), and how the child learned it (learning style). The examination provides the raw data for the profile of the students strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Diagnosis or interpretation of the data. Highly skilled evaluators take the data from the examination, profile a students strengths and weaknesses, then identify the student’s all important learning styles.
  3. Custom-Designed Curriculum to maximize the student’s educational potential. Qualified, knowledgeable curriculum designers match the students styles, identified in the student profile, with materials and teaching methods that optimize the student’s educational potential.

Testing Must Be Comprehensive.  Ours is.


This individual testing will be conducted to tailor make a total individual program for your child(ren). This includes helping you set up a schedule for teaching your child in all areas of development including reading, language arts, math, Bible, science, history, geography, map skills, computer skills, and thinking skills. This test is given one on one with Dr. Cates or his trained staff. This test is 1 1/2 to 2 hours per child.


This extensive testing is being offered for pre-school children from two years old to seven. The children will be assessed in readiness abilities, in verbal concepts, visual discrimination, logical relations, basic school readiness skills, articulation, intelligibility during continuous speech, communication skills, daily living skills, and motor skills-both fine and gross motor. Help will be given to select the correct materials to use in getting your pre-schooler off to an A+ start!! This test takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It is given one on one with Dr. Cates or one of his staff.

T.O.V.A., the Test of Variables of Attention

These tests are objective, standardized, and highly accurate continuous performance tests that are used to assess attention. The T.O.V.A. is the visual version, and the T.O.V.A.-A is the auditory version. These screening tests are used to screen children, teenagers, and adults for possible attention disorders to determine needed further follow-up on assessment.


This special testing is conducted for children with memory problems. The TOMAL measures memory problems as they affect learning in eight short term verbal areas, six short term non-verbal areas and four delayed recall areas.


This is an individually administered assessment of receptive and expressive language. The WES measures these writing skills: use of conventions handwriting, spelling, and punctuation, use of syntactical forms-modifiers, phrases, sentence structures, and the ability to communicate meaningfully -relevance, cohesiveness, organization.


This test evaluates your child in 209 different areas depending on his or her age.


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